Heidegger in interview on philosophy, technology and religion

thinking and thoughtlessness

Actually, this is somewhat relevant to the resent conversation here about Merleu-Ponty’s phenomenology, though Heidegger in speaking is even more cryptic than he is in writing, and yet I am always astounded, how clear and easy to understand is his German when he speaks. I’ve heard an anecdote somewhere long time ago, that said that all those people came to Heidegger’s lectures (which were, or course, mostly public – at least those given at the university are completely open to the public in Germany even today – you do not have to be a student to attend a lecture course), so they came with all those tricky questions they were going to ask him, but when the lecture was over, everything seemed so clear at the time, that all the questions disappeared into thin air, alas, not for long :). Don’t know if there is any truth to that story…

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